Simple 4 Minute Exercise Whilst Sitting Down

Squeeze This Routine To Your Daily Grind

Need a quick breather from work? – this short video tutorial below is about yoga stretching? that specifically targets the neck and shoulder. Delivered by? world recognized yoga instructor Rodney Yee , you learn a simple routine that you can do in just about 4 minutes.

The stretching starts on the shoulders, which is done by placing thumbs in your armpits. This is followed by a series of steps and ends with both palms in front of your chest in a prayer-like position.

This is great for those who spend a great deal of time sitting down. So simple and because it only requires 4 minutes, you can squeeze this in between breaks or during lunch time.? Whether you have your own small cubicle or even share a desk,? you can easily perform this without much fuss.

Watch it now below:

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