A Community Shows Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

Low-Cost Fitness Options

Members of a community can choose to stay healthy especially with the help of a local physical coordinator. In the borough of Redbridge, Elena Wilkinson aims to increase the level of physical activity that residents engage in. According to her, staying physically active is not just about sports or doing structured activities, but can be done throughout the day. These include walking to and from work or getting off the bus further away so you can do a short walk. You can also take the stairs instead of the elevator or quickly go to a park for a breath of fresh air.

There are plenty of opportunities to be physically active ? join a green gym, do nature conservation programs, participate in aerobics classes among others. There are many activities that are either free or low-cost, yet huge on health impact.? Checking out guides to know what?s on the community calendar and being creative is what it takes.

Check out how this community does it!