A Fitness Challenge for 3 Lucky Participants

16 Week Fitness Challenge

Three fans of ?Today? promise to achieve a good level of fitness by 2016. These lucky individuals will be helped and guided by fitness correspondent Jenna Wolfe and nutritionist Joy Bauer.

The three participants, Mary Jean, Ken and Rochelle, will take on the ?16 to ?16? challenge, where they aim to meet weekly goals and improve their well-being by the start of next year.

Jenna evaluates each of the participants? weight, and reminds them that those pounds should be the heaviest from here on, which means these numbers will be the jumping point towards lighter numbers.

As with nutritionist Joy Bauer, she promises the participants remarkable transformation of their bodies with right diet programs. She also says that this challenge will offer life-changing perks not only to the participants, but also to the viewers as they pick up some useful fitness tips along the way.

Watch this below.