Great Thirty Minute Fitness Workout for Busy Moms

Work up a Sweat with High-Intensity Exercises

CafeMom Studios presents a 30-minute, boot-camp style fitness class designed by instructor Chana Balk. This gets your heart rates going, condition your core and strengthen your body.

This workout program uses high-intensity exercises. You will definitely work up a sweat and burn calories and fat just within half an hour from your busy daily schedule. This is a great workout if you want to relieve stress and keep your energy levels high.

Those who tried this workout regimen found it to be working for them. According to one commenter, Julia Schmidt, ?I tried this today. I am 7 months pregnant, and have been relatively inactive during my pregnancy mostly because I was sick and fatigued during my first trimester. I really like this exercise, its challenging but not too hard except for kicking high (which is hard to do with a big baby belly lol) ^_^ thank you!!? Another also said that the modified version of this workout has helped her lose several pounds in weeks!

So, check this out if you are a Mom wanting to get active and increase stamina. Just remember not to quit, as the more you do these exercises, the easier they will get. Get started with this workout video.