This is How a Child Appreciates a Fitness Mom

How Mom's Empower Their Children!

This is a very touching video based on a child?s perspective. As the child watches his mother go through all the struggles of parenting and life in general, they realize and appreciate all the hard work that their mom has done.? It can be likened to an open letter where the child speaks about being able to understand how difficult it must have been to juggle being a mother, work and other aspects of life.

There are many things that bring challenges to a mom. The lack of coaches to tell her the right thing to do and? parenting which is a continuous and constant training.

What their mother didn?t know is that they were always watching her struggles and triumphs, and fully appreciated the fact that their mom would not quit no matter the cost. Despite the pain, instead of throwing in the towel, she decides to stay on course. Because of this, the child knows that anything is possible and that it is necessary and worth it to face their own fears.

Towards the end they express their gratitude for showing the way that quitting is not an option. So when it is their turn, they will be just as empowered. Watch it now.