Why Every Mom Should Be Doing Their Own Thing

Be What You Want to Be Because You Can

This video celebrates women in all forms, definitely loving it and taking pride in everything they do.

Who cares about excess fats and skin jiggling. Sweating like a pig is nothing more than fruits of intense workout or play. Nothing can stop you from doing what you love most, whether it?s kick ball or stationary cycling. It is through these activities that you can feel like a fox and look damn hot.

With the standard of beauty being twisted by the media, this clip shows what true beauty really is, and it has nothing to do with love handles, muffin tops or bulging arms.? This is to inspire women to enjoy life and do what they want because they can!

Watch this video and know that judgment need not be a barrier to accomplish something greater. People who love to judge have more reason to be judged. So why bother with what others say?

Jiggle because you can. Wiggle because you can. Move because you can!

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